Staging your home

Many buyers’ agents believe that staging a home support a stronger sale. There are many different approaches to how to stage your home. In this article I will walk you through a few ways to stage your home for dirt cheap and net you a higher profit on your sale.

You may be asking, “why should I take the time to do these things?” Not only may staging your home help net you a higher dollar it can also make your home sell faster and help support the value. Trust me, it’s worth it!


-Buyer’s Eyes.

The first thing you want to do is put on your buyers’ hat, what in your home sticks out to you that needs done? There may be spots in the carpet that have gone uncleaned or trim that has needed repaired or maybe touched up. These are usually things that as we live in our homes we know we need to be done but just don’t get around to it. I urge you, now is the time to get them done.


-Personal items.

When a buyer walks into your home they will be attracted to any sort of family photos, memorabilia or personal items. For now, put these items away you want any future buyer to be able to picture their family living in this home. You want the buyers to walk through your home and see the HOUSE not the THINGS.


-Decluttering (this includes your garage and/or shop!).

If you have a room(s) in your home that are over full of furniture, kids toys, ect.. Get some totes and store these items else where. Too much clutter can make a buyer feel like there is not enough storage in the home and make them feel, well, cramped. It will be easier for them to picture their items in the room if the room is uncluttered and inviting. With this, we have closets. Over-full or unorganized closets have the same effect. They make buyers’ feel as if there is a lack of storage. So, take a closet a week go through and organize it. If you can, get rid or store what you don’t need right now like extra towels, cleaners, ect. Feel free to leave shelves unused. This will help buyers to see the storage that is available.

This may require you to get a storage unit for a few months while your home is on the market. I promise, it is worth the expense.



Everybody’s favorite, right? NOT! Now is the time to clean all those items that have been forgotten in the craziness of life. I urge you to pull down light fixtures clean out the bugs and wash them before putting them back. Don’t forget to wipe things like cupboards, doors, and baseboards. Clean EVERYTHING. If wanted, you can hire someone to come in to help with the deep cleaning.



The nose. We all have them and they all detect smells a little differently. In this section, I am not only talking about the bad smells but the good ones as well. As home owners, we tend to get used to the smells in our home. While to us, our home may smell fine. To others, it may smell a bit rancid. This section is hard. It is crucial to try and rid your home of any smell including pet, teen, urine, strong cooking smells (such as garlic and grease), or otherwise. There are several ways to help with smells. Makes sure any previously untreated urine (or otherwise) spots get treated with stain and odor remover. Wash any animal (or teen) bedding to help with smells. Wiping vents, stove and oven to remove grease from the kitchen can help with the smells. Refraining from cooking with fragrant ingredients while your home is on the market can help as well.  Put a container of baking soda in the fridge to help with smells in it. You can also run and ionizing machine, it scrubs the air particles, when you are out of the house for the afternoon.

Just as offensive as bad smells are good smells. A light fragrance in a home is fine. However, a strong smell can give the impression that your are trying to cover up a bad smell. This can be very off putting to buyers.  Not to mention, there are so many individuals allergic to different scents having something very fragranced in your home can be a complete turn off.

With these few (very inexpensive) tips your house will be in tip top shape to sell! Just like in the grocery store, people are more likely to grab the apple that is shiny and unblemished.

Are you ready to take the next step? Give us a call! Susan and Jordan are ready to jump on board with you. We can do a free Certified Market Analysis and give you tips on what else you can do to get the most out of your home. We are here, ready and willing to work for you!